Muralles Real Estate
Compra, venta, renta y administracion de bienes inmuebles
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Services for sellers: We help you market your property for sale and for rent using different channels which include internet, social media and large network of contacts, a lot of past customers.

We help you determine the value of your property according to market conditions.

With this information we design a plan to sell or rent your property in the least amount of time as possible.   

If you are a long distance property owner, we can help you manage and take care of your property.


Services for Buyers: Buying a property can be the most important investment one makes in his/her life.
It is important to understand the process in order to find the best combination of price and terms for the client.

We help customers interested in buying properties to occupy. We also help customers looking to buy properties as investments.

Both are investments but different types.

We help buyers understand the types of sellers that are out there, and how, based on that, one can make a good deal for himself.


Financing Services: Our network includes contacts at local banks where you can apply for real estate financing.

We also have contacts in the private sector where there is also real estate financing that sometimes is more accessible than institutional landing.